Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream


An easy vanill ice cream that you can do it with just a fork. :) 



200ml coconut cream

3 tablespoons coconut oil/neutral vegetable oil

100ml soy/almond or rice milk

50g raw sugar or sweetener of choice

2 teaspoon corn starch + 2 teaspoons milk (soy etc) 

3 tablespoons vanilla extract


1) Dissolve the corn starch with the non-dairy milk.

2) Measure out all the ingredients into a pot except for the vanilla extract.

3) Heat it gently over the stove until the mixture thickens and becomes like a sauce.

4) Remove from heat and mix in vanilla extract. 

5) Let it cool and freeze in the freezer compartment until the edges starts to solidify but the centre is still liquid. (about 40 – 1 hour depending on the type of container). Remove and whisk well with a fork.

6) Freeze again and repeat Step 5 three times. With each whisking, the time to freeze will shorten. So for the subsequent times about 30 minutes of freezing would work.

7) Let the mixture freeze completely. When ready to serve, let it soften a little bit before serving. 

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