Our Story

Food is our passion. We live it and breathe its rich, fragrant aroma. From young, food has played an integral role in Halimah’s life. Learning how to flip a thosai to cooking rice at the tender age of 10, she was already preparing full meals for her family by 14. Her approach to food is part science, part inspiration and she tries to understand how ingredients work together to concoct mouth-watering dishes.

One night, struck by the baking bug, Halimah started preparations to bake a cake when she realised that there were no eggs at home. Not wanting to shelf her plans, she scoured the internet for eggless cake recipes instead and chanced upon a vegan one. After achieving some success executing the recipe, her interest in veganism and vegetarianism was piqued which led to her turning vegetarian in 2008 together with her hubby. They found the experience incredibly fulfilling and they subsequently turned vegan in 2010. They have not looked back on this lifestyle choice and enjoy learning more about the vegan lifestyle every day.

While running a successful vegetarian publication called VegVibe, Halimah also started supplying friends and family members vegan cakes and confections which then led to many requests on how to prepare these sinless treats at home. She then went on to conducting vegan culinary classes until 2013 when she had her baby boy.

Taking a break from the culinary scene to tend to the needs of her young child, Halimah is now back but will only be catering to baking orders such as cakes and cupcakes (others coming soon!) as she is no longer able to set aside large blocks of time to conduct culinary classes. However, she hopes once her little vegan man is more independent she can resume her culinary classes as well.  

In the mean time she humbly hopes to serve the community by providing halal, affordable, vegan, organic and scrumptious confections.

For ordering info, please text or whatsapp Halimah at 9005 7385 or email halimah.i@gmail.com or info@kalavira.com

Thank you for your continued support!


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