Episode 2: Red Bean Potong Ice Cream


Red Bean Potong Ice Cream

Ingredients for Red Bean Potong Ice Cream

100g uncooked red beans 

40g raw sugar

1 stalk of pandan leaf

200ml coconut cream
Cooked red beans (from earlier) 
100ml reserved cooking liquid from red beans
50g raw sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1) Rinse and soak the uncooked red beans overnight or for several hours.
2) Boil the red beans, together with the pandan leaf, in some water until it becomes soft and tender.
3) Drain away the liquid, keeping about 100ml of the cooking liquid aside. 
4) Add the 40g of raw sugar into the cooked beans and let it sit for about an hour until the sugar is absorbed into the beans.
5) In a blender, add the coconut cream, most of the cooked red beans (setting aside a few tablespoons), cooking liquid, raw sugar and the salt. Blend until smooth. Skim away the bubbles or let it sit until the bubbles burst. 
6) In a ice lolly mould, add a teaspoon of red beans and pour the red bean mixture in. Freeze the mixture for several hours until hardened.
7) Remove from mould and serve immediately.
Helpful Tips
1) If you find that your blender is not powerful enough to grind up the skin of the red beans, strain them after blending
2) Substitute red beans with your favourite beans or fruits like mango and durian.
3) If you prefer something lighter, reduce the coconut cream and substitute part of it with almond/soy milk or other nut milks. 
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