Product Review: Bio-Home Dishwash Liquid


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I think it would not come as a surprise if I told you I spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen washing up after every cooking class or even from the day to day cooking. When I first started my married life in my own home, I used to rely on chemical based cleaners, like Axion. I was none the wiser, having taken my cue from my mum on the best dishwashing liquid/paste to use. Over time though, I was plagued with rough dry hands that looked way older than the rest of my body and occasionally the skin on my palm would start flaking. If these symptoms are anything to go by, it was obvious that the cleaning agent was not good for me and my family. 

However, it was only after turning vegetarian that I started to take going green more seriously. And for those uninitiated out there, chemical based dishwashing products are not only terrible on your hands, it also damages the environment as all the discarded soapy water gets pumped into rivers and the oceans which affects marine life. Furthermore, chemicals sometimes leave residue on the cutlery which ends up in our food and ingested by us. 

I saw Bio-Home Diswash liquid in the supermarket. Closer scrutiny showed that it was produced by Lam Soon in Malaysia which is good, because it would mean lower carbon footprint as compared to some other eco-friendly brands that has to be shipped from other countries. The plus points for me were the fact that it is plant-based, not animal tested, does not contain optical brighteners, synthetic dyes etc. The colourless liquid is also concentrated which means you get better mileage per bottle.


What Works

In my quest for eco-friendly dishwashing liquids, I have tried various brands and even homemade garbage enzyme. This particular product stands up well to the test and cleans cutlery effectively. It does lather up but does not produce too much suds so rinsing is easy and also reduces the amount of water used. We mainly use metal plates and despite using it for weeks, the dishes are still shiny and in mint condition.

I have also used this to wash off the stains and grease dish towels and rags and it removes stains rather well too. My hands also do not dry up despite continuous usage. 

The packaging design is rather unique with a pump dispenser, making it quite useful for people like me who like to mix a certain amount of concentrate to water to dilute. When I am washing my blender, I can also squirt some concentrate right into it without having to lift the dishwash container. 


What doesn't

The first thing that doesn't quite work for me is the scent. Unlike other dishwashing liquids which come in the ubiquitous citrus flavour, Lam Soon has attempted to create a more sophisticated product by infusing lemongrass and white tea. However, from the first whiff, I know this is not the natural scent of lemongrass and personally, I find it a bit strong. I would rather it be fragrance-free and more natural than to have to synthetic aromatics added to it. But then this is a personal gripe and I'm sure many would appreciate this fragrance.

I also wish the container came in a 1l bottle or has a refill pack. It seems like a waste to keep purchasing 500ml bottles even though it states that it can be recycled. The packaging is clever but perhaps not as eco-friendly as I would want it to be.

What I would really like to see the ingredient list. The packaging makes impress claims to be eco and animal friendly but I feel that ingredients should be listed clearly for consumers to decide if this product is for them. 



I boguht this product when it was on promotion in the supermarket at 3 bottles for about $10+. Though it is still so much more expensive than chemical based cleaners, I think the extra amount paid is worthwhile. It also delivers what it promises – it does clean really well. On the downside, I hope the manufacturers will be more open about the ingredients used and also consider refill packages. Overall, I have a few brands that I like, and I will pick this up again if a promotion is available. 


Kalavira's Rating: 4/5 

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